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Mavs Video Vault: Championship Team In An Elevator on Parade Day

Hello PI-1's,

While many of you have been battling through the 2012 season with the Dallas Mavericks, I haven't been as immersed in the day to day team news as I usually am...but for a very good reason.  I've been working on a project that has been several years in the making....the hour long documentary "Wurzburg to Worldwide: How Dirk Became DIRK!" which debuts after the Mavs/Spurs game on December 23rd on Fox Sports Southwest.

I say that to say this....

I've been living in a dream's been so much fun learning the reasons for why Dirk turned out to be, not only the player, but the great guy that he is.  We are so lucky, as the fan base of a team, to have a guy that is genuenly someone to look up to, and be admired more, for how he handles himself in opposed to someone who puts a ball through a hoop real good-like.

I hope you like the show when you see it.  It's given me the great opportunity to dive back into the Championship season and see all kinds of great images and memories I'd of which I wanted to share with you all.

After the parade through Dallas, there was the event inside American Airlines Center.  The team entered the building, completely running on fumes. They'd won the title in Miami on June 12th and the parade was on June 16...and I don't think anyone had slept much over those days/nights.

The first thing they did was head to the balcony to sing We are the Champions, which I was lucky enough to be up there for.  Up next was a trip downstairs into the bowels of the AAC to freshen up for the event inside that I'm sure many of you will remember! It ended with this video that was a pretty emotional recap of the championship season.

But to get downstairs the whole smelly group had to jam into a freight elevator and below is the video of that ride.  Just a cool glimpse into a moment in time that, for most in that elevator, whether we realized it or not at the moment, were probably having one of the best weeks of our lives at the time.



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